Kids Stop

Welcome to Kids Stop

We are thrilled that you have trusted us with the care of your child during your visits to the Bartlett Community Center. Our caring staff is here six days a week to watch your children while you take part in one of the Bartlett Park District programs or activities. The overall goal of Kids Stop is to provide your child with a safe, fun and stimulating environment that will allow you to have full piece of mind while participating in your program or activity.

Contact Numbers:

Main Office 540-4800 Kids Stop 540-4830 LIFECENTER 540-4848

On-Site Care

Kids Stop is available to patrons of the BCC. You must remain within the facility and notify the staff of the location of your program or activity.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-12noon; 4:00pm-7pm (evening hours by reservation call 630-540-4848 by 4pm on the day you would like care)
Friday: 8:00am-12noon Saturday: 9:00am-12noon
Sunday: CLOSED
Kids Stop is CLOSED on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve


Drop-In: $5 per child
12 Visit Punch Card: $48
24 Visit Punch Card: $84
3 Month Unlimited Visit Pass: $100 per child
Annual Unlimited Visit Pass: $300 per child

Annual LIFECENTER Members receive a 20% discount on Kids Stop Punch Cards Please have your Kids Stop punch card or drop in fee ready when entering Kids Stop. Kids Stop staff will check you in before your child enters Kids Stop. Please PRINT legibly on the sign in sheet all pertinent information. Please be sure to let staff know if someone other than you will be picking up your child to eliminate any problems that may arise. Please be sure to sign your child out of Kids Stop when you pick them up. Please do not be offended if staff asks you for identification. Though we try, it is difficult to recognize all of our patrons. We only ask to assure the safety of all of the children in our care.

Kids Stop Policies

Maximum Capacity

Kids Stop staff will determine the maximum number of children allowed in Kids Stop based on the following criteria: Staffing Age of Children Number of Children Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

Toilet Independence

Every child must be able to manage themselves entirely including their articles of clothing when using the bathroom. The Kids Stop staff will not assist any child in the bathroom at any time. Please consider this policy when dressing your child for their stay in Kids Stop. In the event that your child is still in diapers or in need of your assistance when using the bathroom your will be called from your program or activity to render the proper assistance. For sanitation reasons we do not allow the changing of diapers in Kids Stop, there are changing stations located within the rest rooms throughout the facility.


The Bartlett Park District DOES NOT permit any staff member to administer any kind of medication (over the counter or prescriptions) to any child. This policy also applies to any kind of inhalers, cough medicine, cough drops or eye drops.

Personal Items

Sometimes children are interested in bringing a cherished item with to the Kids Stop. The Bartlett Park District and its staff are not responsible for the loss or destruction of personal items. To reduce the risk of loss or destruction of personal items we would prefer that they not be brought to the Kids Stop.

Healthy Child Policy

If you notice the beginning of a cold or contagious disease, please keep your child at home. A child must be free of an elevated temperature (101* F oral or 100* F under the arm), vomiting, pink eye, diarrhea, or lice for 24 hours before returning to Kids Stop. Parents sometimes are concerned that they will miss something important in their program or activity. There is nothing more important than a happy healthy child. If your child develops symptoms of illness, the Kids Stop staff will notify you and arrange for the child to be checked out of Kids Stop immediately. We must know where you are in the facility at all times. In an attempt to combat any and all contagious diseases we are very aggressive with our hand washing policy and we even provide hand sanitizer to the Kids Stop patrons during their stay. The Bartlett Park District follows guidelines designated by the DuPage County Health Department regarding their healthy child policy.


The Kids Stop staff works vigorously in channeling children’s curiosity and energy in a positive direction. The Kids Stop is set up so that the children may play in small groups and have a choice of several fun and interactive activities. Children will be introduced to limits in their behavior regarding respecting others (children & staff), manners, free play, appropriate use of materials and interaction with others. Should an incident of misbehavior occur the staff will make a decision and redirect the child into a more positive behavior. Should a minor behavior need to be corrected a verbal cue will be given. If the behavior becomes repetitious, staff may use a brief “time out”. The child will be removed from the group, yet within sight of the staff to take some time to compose themselves then will be returned to the group. The purpose of the “time out” is to remove the child from a negative situation and allow the child to return to a more normal state for activities. When the inappropriate behavior becomes, chronic, serious, violent, or dangerous to others the child’s parents will be notified. The behavior will be monitored and if it continues a more structured form of “time out” may be set down after a meeting between the child’s parents and staff. If after a sufficient amount of time agreed on between both parent and staff, no improvements have been accomplished by the child toward a positive attitude the child may be asked to leave the Kids Stop and not allowed to return until the behavior has been corrected or modified.